If you plan on attending the 2015 Linuxbierwanderung in Wiltz, there are a few things you might want to know/do/bring.


If you intend to come along to the LBW, please register your interest. This helps us know who’s coming (and more importantly, how many), allows us to provision services better, and enables you to see what activities you want to take part in while you are at the LBW.


Everyone attending the LBW is encouraged to bring with them the following:

  • Power distribution board – a 4 or 6 way board (Not a multi plug adapter) which can be plugged into the distribution boards which will be provided on the tables. Power will be provided in 6 way Schuko distribution boards, and adapters are available for loan or purchase to allow you to plug a UK distribution board into the Schuko boards. Please do not plug your devices directly into the provided 6 way board.
  • Network cable – If you are bringing a device that requires a cabled Ethernet connection, please bring a suitable cable. Gigabit Ethernet connections will be provided on each table, but you will need your own cable. If you want more than one Ethernet connection, please bring a small switch of your own to plug into the ones on the table.
  • USB Sockets – We have noticed in recent years that more and more of the power sockets are being used to power/charge devices via USB. Having one USB device per power socket is inefficient, please consider bringing a multi port USB charger like this onethis one, or this one. This allows us to more efficiently use the power sockets we have available.


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