Getting there

Luxembourg is centrally located in Europe and generally easy to get to, and once inside Luxembourg, the well developed infrastructure makes it easy to get to Wiltz from any direction.

By Train

Wiltz Station
Wiltz has a direct train connection from Luxembourg city.

Some indications of possible routes:

  • Bruxelles-Nord – Luxembourg – Wiltz
  • Köln Hbf – (ICE) – Liege Guillemins – Kautenbach – Wiltz
  • Amsterdam – Maastricht – Liege Guillemins – Kautenbach – Wiltz
  • Amsterdam – (ICE) – Köln Hbf – Luxembourg – Wiltz
  • Paris – (TGV) – Luxembourg – Wiltz
  • Zurich – Basel SBB – Luxembourg – Wiltz
  • Vladivostok – Tjumen – Balesino – Moskva – Hannover – Köln Hbf – Luxembourg – Wiltz

Note that train fares within Luxembourg are horrendous.  For a single day ticket valid throughout Luxembourg, they may ask as much as €4 if you happen to not qualify for any reduced rate!1)This €4 covers you for a day’s use of public transport within Luxembourg, including the trains and the buses.

By Air

The nearest international airport is Luxembourg City. However Bruxelles, Paris,  Köln and Amsterdam airports are all within a reasonable travel distance of Wiltz and may represent a better connection for those travelling from further afield. For transport from the airport, see the section on either train or car as appropriate.

By Car

Unlike some neighbouring countries that shall not be named, Luxembourg takes good care of its roads and traveling by car within Luxembourg is a pleasant experience.

Some estimated travel times:

  • Bruxelles : 2h
  • Dunkirk : 4h
  • Köln : 2:20h
  • Amsterdam : 3:30h
  • Paris : 3:30h
  • Zurich : 5:30h
  • Oslo : 15:30h
  • Kopenhagen : 10:30h

By Bike

There are a number of cycle routes in the area for both mountain bikes and other bikes. The flattest route to Wiltz is along the cycle route from Bastogne in Belgium. This route follows a disused railway line for much of its 21km length.

By foot

Wiltz is usefully located on E3 European long distance path2)Atlantic Coast to the Black Sea –

By Tardis/Teleporter

Set your space time navigational systems destination to  49°57’58.9″N 5°56’16.3″E. Take care to note the altitude of your target coordinates. Wiltz is spread across a valley and hillside, a minor mis-calculation of your destination altitude relative to the ground could result in materialisation 100 m above ground level, or perhaps worse, 100 metres below it…

Notes   [ + ]

1. This €4 covers you for a day’s use of public transport within Luxembourg, including the trains and the buses.
2. Atlantic Coast to the Black Sea –

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