As with the beers, the food in Luxembourg shows the geographical location between Germany, France, and Belgium.

The local food style seems to combine some of the German robustness with some of the French finesse. ¬†Prices are more in line with a “proper restaurant” than with a simple local German “Gasthaus”. ¬†(i.e. expect to pay more than 12 Euro for your Schnitzel, and expect it to be listed by its French name)

Some of the restaurants in the area:

  • Restaurant-Brasserie Michel Rodange, rue Michel Rodange 11
  • Bistro Kaul, Camping Kaul
  • Hostellerie des Ardennes, Grand-Rue 61
  • Hotel – Restaurant Ancient Tanneries, rue Joseph Simon 42A
  • Hotel – Restaurant Beau Sejour, rue du Dix Septembre 21
  • Friture – Restaurant – Cafe “Op der Lann”, Avenu Nic Kreins
  • Pizzeria Panis, Grand-Rue 29
  • Restaurant-Brasserie “Au petit Marche”, rue Hannelast 2
  • Restaurant “Aux Saveurs d’Antan”, rue des Tondeurs 9
  • Restaurant – Pizzeria Casa Mia, rue des Tondeurs 32
  • Hotel – Restaurant du Vieux Chateau, Grand-Rue 1
  • Asie Orient (Restaurant chinois), rue du 31 Aout 2
  • Dobao (Restaurant chinois), Grand-Rue 31

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