What about Dates?

It is hoped that Andy will import a quantity of the finest Arabian Dates for the LBW.

And dates?

We would like to propose that the LBW would occur 16th August 2015 – 23rd of August 2015.

The reasoning for these dates is:

  • The 15th is assumption of Mary¬†and a public holiday for much of Europe (including .lu and .be)
  • July is the Wiltz festival, and so accommodation will be in short supply
  • The first 2 weeks of August are available, but the Hall staff are about so will be receiving visitors, which would mean non-LBW people mingling in the hall
  • The week starting 23rd would result in Brits having to travel on the August bank holiday which would drive up the cost of things like ferries and Eurostar.
  • There have been suggestions from within the group to avoid September

All of this together, makes 16th-22nd the best choice of dates in our opinion. We are a democracy, and the hall is available for all of August, should the group feel that an alternative week would be more suitable. But we feel that 16th-22nd is the best option available.

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