What to do

Besides the good hiking and beer opportunities, Wiltz has lots to offer:


There are a number of well developed cycling tracks for both mountain bikes and normal bikes. These include the 21km ride along the disused railway line to Bastogne, as well as circular routes of various lengths starting and finishing1)Otherwise they wouldn’t really be circular in Wiltz. For those not bringing a bike with them, they can be hired from the bike hire located near the Castle.

Luxembourg City

A 1 hour train ride takes you to Luxembourg city, the capital, for a wide range of museums, galleries, and theatres.


The campsite offers a heated outdoor swimming pool with slide, tennis courts, badminton court, and beach volley ball. There is also an indoor swimming pool at the Lycee du Nord, Rue General Patton, with limited public opening hours. Right next to the hall you will find a fitness centre (5-element).
In addition, the two hotels down by the river have their own fitness/wellness/swimming facilities for their customers.
For more info, see Wiltz Tourist Info.


Wiltz Castle offers the Luxembourg Beer Museum, Tannery museum, and museum of the Battle of the Bulge. Guided tours of the castle are also available.

Wiltz is also home to a number of monuments as well as the Jardin de Wiltz2)Garden of Wiltz, for those with cultural interests.



The above is just a tiny fraction of activities and places of interest in and around Wiltz. For more information contact Wiltz Tourist Info

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1. Otherwise they wouldn’t really be circular
2. Garden of Wiltz

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