What language is spoken in Wiltz?

That is a very good question. The three official languages are  Luxembourgish, French, and German. However during out scouting we found that many people also spoke Dutch/Flemish, and English was spoken widely to varying levels of ability. Due to the multilingual nature of Luxembourg and its position between Belgium, France, and Germany, it is not uncommon for languages to be mixed together, both at the conversational level, and even within a sentence. During scouting on several occasions an order in a restaurant was placed in Dutch, the reply was given in German, and they then repeated in English…

What currency is used in Wiltz?

The Euro.

There are several banks and numerous cash points1)ATM, Geldautomat, hole in the wall … around the town. Most bars and restaurants accept common bank cards including VISA and Mastercard.

And how many of my euros will I need to get a beer?

Expect to pay anything from €2.70 to €4 euro for “a beer” which may be a 0.2L glass, or a 0.33L bottle.

Do I need a visa for Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is signatory to the Schengen agreement, so visa requirements are the same as any other Schengen nation.

Wiltz looks lovely, but what on earth is a Linuxbierwanderung?

For those of you who may have stumbled upon this page without prior introduction to the Linuxbierwanderung, you can find out more info at linuxbierwanderung.eu or wikipedia

Does .lu have a no-spider policy?

No. If you feel that there are insufficient numbers or variety of spiders in the area of the LBW, please let the organisers know and we’ll try our best to make arrangements to rectify this.

No, seriously, are there any dangerous wildlife I should be aware of?

Not any more so than the rest of northern Europe. There are some minor risks that you should be aware of, principally Lyme disease and wild boar. Neither of these should be a problem if you are sensible. For more information on Lyme disease see patient.co.uk

Can I use your photos?

All photos on this site are Copyright Julia Freeman, and released under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA licence, except for the banner image, which is Copyright Johan De Meersman, the picture of Wiltz station which is CC-BY-SA from Wiki commons, the homepage photo by Tripwolf, and the Wiltz Hiking Tux image, which is Copyright WF Konynenberg and licensed CC-BY-SA, based on a historical drawing by Nicolas Liez (1834) combined with the hiking tux image by Larry Ewing.

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1. ATM, Geldautomat, hole in the wall …

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